Dine and Sign

Our restaurant is now named as “Dine & Sign” to point out the fact that most of our workers are Deaf.
For 20 years already, we are providing skills training and employment opportunities for the Deaf. Our profits are used to support the education of the impoverished deaf children in Bohol in partnership with International Deaf Education Association (IDEA) Philippines Inc. Your patronage would make a difference in the lives of the Deaf. 
To know more about IDEA, check out their website at ideadeaf.org.

Our Best Sellers

Php 175

Chicken Fillet Sandwich


Multi-spice chicken fillet, coleslaw

Php 180

Rice Toppings

Choose from Chicken Stew, Beef, Pork, Vegetables or Cajun Shrimp and place it atop a bed of steamy rice.

Regular Php 240

Small size Php 150

Special Halo-halo

Topped with Mango and Ube ice cream over shaved ice with evaporated milk, young coconut, flan and an assortment of fresh-cut tropical fruits.

Php 260


House nacho chips, ground beef, and salsa, and cheese

Personal size Php 199

Family size Php 399


House pizza dough topped with local cheese and classic tomato sauce and a choice of toppings: Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Mushroom, All meat. (ham, Pepperoni, Bacon, Mushroom)

Php 320

Special Chopsuey


Mixed Vegetables, Sautéed in sweet oyster sauce, and lean pork

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